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We’re getting smarter with our money. It’s true!

Recent research shows that Baby Boomers typically started saving for retirement when they were 35, Gen X began around 30, millennials started socking away their coins around age 25 and Gen Z, the oldest of whom are now in their early 20s, beat us all by starting to save at 19. If the average retirement age in the United States is about 64, that’s at minimum 30 years of diligently putting away money for our future selves and as much as 45 years of saving for those Gen Zers among us!

That’s up to 45 years of getting up and grinding despite a splitting headache, or a son or daughter playing in the championship game, or aging parents needing care. More than four decades of balancing your life on the head of a pin so that one day you could enjoy what you built. What type of person earns the privilege of being near something as precious as your nest egg?

Sean Clancy, a Denver native and Wealth Advisor at Prime Capital Investment Advisors, helps individuals, business owners, and families to achieve their financial goals through a comprehensive planning approach. What sets Sean apart is his genuine love for connecting with people from all walks of life. Digging into each person’s unique story and understanding who they are and seeing the challenges they’ve faced to reach success is what truly fuels his passion.

In his role, Sean meets clients where they are, recognizing that everyone’s financial situation is unique, with individual stressors and aspirations. Listening to his clients’ concerns, Sean crafts personalized solutions tailored to their specific needs and goals. Clients appreciate Sean for his confidence in financial recommendations, clear communication, adept handling of challenging discussions, and, above all, his commitment to their best interests.

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